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Clinical Psychologist





Tara is a clinical psychologist and credentialed eating disorders clinician who possesses a unique perspective that combines clinical skills, academic training, and the lived experience of recovery. She has worked and volunteered in WA mental health for the past 16 years, with experience spanning the public, private, and NGO sectors. She aspires to challenge existing social discourses in order to dispel stigma surrounding mental health and to promote a relational and non-pathologising conceptualisation of mental health and wellbeing.

Tara has a strong interest in working with youth, adults, and older adults. She is passionate about working alongside clients to assist them in building fulfilling self-determined lives. Tara prides herself on her genuine, curious, and non-judgmental approach to working with all clients. She considers her practice to be person-centred, focussing strongly on principles of co-production, self-determinism, and relational recovery. 

In her clinical practice, Tara draws from a range of evidence-based assessment and therapeutic techniques based on the individual needs of her clients. These include cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy (IPT), play therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy(CBT-m), narrative therapy, schema therapy, and compassion focused therapy—among others. Tara is currently training in EMDR. Please contact Tara to discuss the services she provides and how these can be tailored to best meet your individual needs.

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